programmable channel re-routing

i waste (/ spend) a lot of time on this when doing larger mixing sessions-- say you have all your channels going to your 2BUS, but realize you do not want certain tracks treated with your 2BUS compressor. you need to create a ‘pre 2BUS’ and re-route to it every track that is currently being sent to the master out, apart from the tracks you don’t, and move the 2BUS insert plugins to this new ‘escape bus’. this can take up a lot of time, while it’s something that could be rather easy to program. it could even be implemented to the project logical editor.

something like: if a channel’s routed to bus “string”, re-route to bus X. possibly implemented in some sort of visual matrix.

the direct out functionality is nice for instantly switching the routing, but it will not automatically select for you the channels you want to switch the routing of.

anyone else finding this useful?


I thought you might be able to do this with direct routing — create a second master bus and route to it from the first. But it’s not possible, since direct outputs are not available on the master bus. Making that possible would be very handy (it would solve this problem, and would enable you to route from the master bus to any number of alternative bus processing chains).

good idea!

another idea, also simple to implement, would be the following (kind of hinted at already in the 1st post):

with PLE, you can already select tracks by the string that is their name (eg. you can have a PLE script that selects anything with ‘drums’ in the name).

now, if this was simply extended to be able to select tracks based on the name of the bus the are routed to, then that’s all that would take. because once selected, all channels can be processed with the same treatments in the mixconsole with the ‘alt’ modifier - this includes any routing changes.