Programming a click track with tempo changes

I want to record some songs to a click track, but my band’s songs have some gradual tempo changes here and there. Is there a way to program a metronome track in Cubase with tempo changes? In other words, play along to a metronome track that automatically and gradually speeds up and slows down the tempo at pre-programmed points in the song?


Indeed it is! Consult Your Lovely Manual about a feature called ‘Tempo Track’.

Got it figured out. Thanks.

I have the opposite question, actually. I created a project and recorded all the midi tracks myself, including piano and a fairly large orchestra. I did it without a click track, because as a classical musician the music is never recorded to click track, so I just followed my score. But now I just realised I need to create a click track because we need to record some tracks remotely with some musician friends (pandemic problems!). I know, newbie mistake!!! Don’t even tell me. I should have recorded to click track and then adjusted the metronome marks and all of that. But, hey, now I’ve done that, what can I do to fix it?