Programming Generic Midi Remote to Trigger Different Modes On Keyboard

So I’m using the Impact LX88+ midi keyboard whose default mappings include a few mode buttons (‘Instrument/Mixer/Preset’) that, when pressed, change what the rest of the buttons do. I decided to make my own mappings on a generic controller because the default ones can’t be edited, but I’m completely at a loss for how to program in different modes.

I notice there are functions under the ‘midi status’ column called ‘prog change’ and ‘prog change trigger’, but as soon as I assign them, the number under the ‘address’ column changes to ‘0’ (meaning it unmaps whatever key was mapped to that function). So I’m not sure how to use those, although they sound like the sort of thing I’m looking for.

I know it’s a complicated issue and this is a long shot, but wondering if anyone has done this before and can help me program modes into the generic midi controller.

Those are not functions. The upper pane describes the input trigger- the midi message received by the remote, that will trigger the corresponding slot in the lower pane. You can use Learn (hit apply after activating the checkbox) to see what the keyboard is sending.

The lower pane has the functions and commands.

Ah ok I see, that makes sense, thanks. I’m still not sure how to utilise those input trigger types, but I think I figured out the mode changes.

The buttons for ‘Mixer’ & ‘Trigger’ seem to be internally mapped, and toggling between them basically changes the midi address of the 8 sliders and knobs on the keyboard. So there’s no need to map them on the generic controller. The ‘Preset’ button seems to change all of those sliders and knobs to output the same signal, so I’m not sure how that works yet. But at least I get how to switch between two modes now.