Programming in a Pan from Left to Right


Per my signature, I’m using Cubase 10 Pro and Halion 6.

I’ve recorded a swoosh sound with a Halion instrument. I just had to hold the a key down on my MIDI keyboard, because the swoosh is basically the sample. So it’s just a single MIDI note event right now. I do understand how to render that as audio, if needed.

Either in Halion or in Cubase (whichever is easier), how can I make that swoosh play from in a controlled fashion from the left audio channel to the right? Extra points if your answer doesn’t require mix automation, unless that’s the only answer.

Thanks in advance!


Try an autopan FX, but that is probably not really accurately timeable. If you want it accurate, automation is probbaly the best way to do it.

Automation is what you need to do.

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Thank you both very much for your replies, I do appreciate it.

I decided to export the segment of the track in question from my song project, create a new session just for that one part, perform an automated pan on it, export that to an audio file, and re-import the panned audio file into my project. This conserved my resources and kept things simpler in the song project.