programming M-audio to quickcontrols

I usea Novation zero SL for controlling plug-ins and a M-audio Oxygen49 for playiong the keyboard.
Now I want to make use of quick controls and figured I can use the 8 knobs on the M-audio for that.
Assigning them is easy, did that but it still controls some parameters on the plug in aswel.

Example: I set quick control one to the volume of the channel and when turning the cutoff frequentie of the synth of that track is also moving, which I don’t want offcourse.
I understand the logic behind it, it’s the midi data coming in and the synth listens to that, okay…

So I set the global midi channel of the M-audio to 16, hoping the synth will only listen to another channel but no succes.

Every synth has another midi’template’ and I just want a global solution for this, and I am not really a mididoctor to say the least.

Does someone know how to resolve this?

Greetz Dylan.

hmmm, I think I figured it out…

In preferences go to midifilter and disable channel 16. The VST is not responding but the quickcontrols are :smiley:


Ofcourse in this scenario the keys will not work either DUH! :unamused:
So I figured out how to send global midi data from the keys and only channel 16 from the knobs…Works!!