Programming mod wheel

Hi folks, I have a VST that uses the mod wheel to control the attack
The problem is my keyboard doesnt have a modwheel (its an akai LPK25)
obviously I will be able to change this in the automation, but I have no idea how, I would assume click on the (show automation) which shows -> volume -> mute -> linked panner -> etc, I’ve tried 20+ deep still no modwheel, so perhaps I’m doing this wrong
What should I do to be able to program the modwheel?
cheers zed

Mod wheel will be cc1 so look at the bottom of the track edit screen for contrller data. You can probably set your keyboard to transmit the data from one of the knobs.

This should help:

Note - to get into the key editor (the editor in this video) double click on your recorded midi region.

OK thanks guys, yes cc1 (modulation) is the one I want