Programming Nektar Panorma P1


Up until now I have not really used my panorama’s record/play buttons as I switched them to something else. What values do I need to switch them back to to get them to actually work for what they are meant to be – i.e. the record button actually starting record?

Not sure how to specifically reset those buttons, but if you have not changed any other things that you would like to keep it might be best to reset to factory defaults. See
While your at it you might as well check for new firmware to add the latest functionality. You need to register and login to be able to download it.

I downloaded the Cubase files, and I gotta say, I do not like that every time I switch a track it changes what my faders modify, forcing me to switch it back to my custom set up. Is there a way to get it to stop doing this?

I haven’t noticed this myself. You mean e.g. it switches from from instrument view back to mixer view every time you switch to a different track?

Cubase control is in 3 modes separate from the internal features of the Panorama. If you press the INTERNAL button above the display Panorama acts a a standard MIDI/QWERTY assignable controller. The MIXER, INSTRUMENT and TRANSPORT modes are dedicated to Cubase.

So you can make global mappings in INTERNAL mode, MIXER mode maps Panorama’s controls to the mixer channels in Cubase and INSTRUMENT maps the contorls to the selected track’s VST.