programming polyrhythms

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone knows a handy way in Cubase to make concurrent loops in different time signatures? I really like how this is implemented in Ableton: you just create a clip, define its length, and it loops at the number of bars/beats you specified. Easy peasy. In Cubase, I make a short sequence, but for it to loop properly, I have to copy the pattern until the pattern ‘coincides’ with the metrum again like it did at the beginning. This means I have to always figure out how many times I have to repeat a riff in a weird time signature, then set my locators to loop that area, just to get the same behavior as in Ableton… Or I have to use different instances of Beat Designer for those parts, which is easier but still a bit convoluted imo

Cubase doesn’t currently offer any similar way to work with loop points within a audio sample like found in ableton and bigwig, so in Cubase the process is going to be more labour intensive. One way to do it is the way you suggest above (“copy the pattern until…”). At the moment I’m experimenting with regions, where I open a audio sample in the audio editor, in the Hitpoint menu I create regions. Then I open up the Pool window and drag regions to the track in the order I desire. It’s even more time consuming and it doesn’t compare to ableton, but it can give you quite interesting result.

As for programming polyrhythms in MIDI, I posted this some time ago (which none took notice of :astonished: :sunglasses: ):

Hey Whirly, I couldnt agree more. I totally love the sequencer in Tremor. Been thinking about trying Geist, maybe that would meet my polyrhythmic desires :slight_smile: But it’s yet another investment and for the money we are paying, I feel the Steinberg people could whip up something with the features you are asking for in the thread you linked here. Why did they lock the thread by the way?

Yeah why did you guys lock the thread, steinberg?

did you not want anyone else to see it? do you not want input from your own user base on ways you can improve your software???

anyone else kind of grossed out by this

The thread was not locked. The Cubase 7 feature request forum was locked since Cubase 8 came out. At that point Cubase 7 stopped being developed (as far as new features go.) There’s nothing stopping you from starting a thread in the C8 forums to continue.

Note also, that a feature request that was ignored by the other users could simply show that there was not much interest in the idea.

I’m not sure if this will help, but here you go- You can automate part of that using the Repeat Events command.

Thank you for the response. Glad that they have a moderator here to answer questions now. Back when cubase 8 launched there was 3 or 4 pages of complaints going unanswered and the only people replying were other fanboy users taunting the people with technical issues.

I doubt that there is really a lack of interest in features like this or the bezier automation curves…people are kind of forced to go to ableton to make electronic music or do these odd workarounds in cubase.

I’m not trying to be difficult I’m just saying cubase is marketed as the professional one stop shop for music production but it lacks support for some very fundamental stuff in modern music.