Programs in HSSE reseting with every play cycle

This has me puzzled and I couldn’t find any thing simmilar in the forum or searching with Google.

I have 4 midi tracks using a single instance Halion Sonic SE as output. In HSSE I have 4 different programs in the first 4 slots of the rack.
Each midi track output uses the channel matching the desired slot number in the HSSE rack.
It works, but…
Every time the tracks are replayed (in cycle mode or manually) some of the programs in the HSSE rack change to other (default?) values! Also any edits done in the Mix page of HSSE are lost (for all slots).

I tried saving the VST presets and reloading them, but the behaviour is the same.

Tried changing the program in the track inspector Program slot instead of in HSSE, but again no help.

It is probably something obvious, but I give up. I just can’t figure it out!

I am using C Artist 7.5, by the way. I forgot to update the signature…

Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance!

Maybe the MIDI track is sending program changes to the instrument. You could try to remove them or filter them out. I Have never used them and can’t give much detail but check the MIDI track at the bottom where the controller lanes are. Select the “Program Change” lane and see if there is data there.
Just looked at HALion Sonic. On the Options page, there is a Global “Program Chage” setting. Maybe you have in on General MIDI? Try putting it to “Off”.

Aloha V,

Here is one approach.
Select the track and then use the ‘List Edit’ function.

It will show you everything that is on that track.
All MIDI info will be shown.

Then use the ‘Focus’ field to find/change/delete all Program Change messages.

Very often these messages are at the beginning of the project.
But they can also be inserted at any position in the track.
So you have to look at the complete track to get them all.
That’s where the ‘Focus’ /‘Event Types and Data1’ part can be really handy.

The ones I hate are Pan and MIDI volume messages.
But at least there is a Logical Preset to easily get rid of PG Change and Volume.

Good Luck!

Yes! That was it; all the changes (program, pan, etc.) were visible in the list and after deleting them, everything works as expected.

Thanks a lot guys!

There is so much to know, but there is always someone who knows already and is willing to help :slight_smile: