Progress! and questions re global recording

Hi all. I just finished creating 11 global stacks for my drum mics and auditioned them with a basic mix. Using an RME Dante card and an M1 10 core laptop, 3+ plugs on each channel (Waves F6 as gate, transient designer, and then waves SSL) I’m only using about 25% of the computer power at 48khz 64 samples. Total latency is somewhere in the 4ms range, which is perfect. Sounds incredible and has been stable thus far. Nice work Steinberg!

I’m still wrapping my head around setting up a set for audio processing. First, I want to be able to record my global stacks and then “mix them” so they sound good through the outputs. Hard to get a solid mix while playing because of the live sound of acoustic drums. I don’t see an option to create a track with global parts/stacks. I see you can add tracks and send the monitored track’s output to the global part which in theory would accomplish what I want. I record armed all of the drum tracks, recorded 30 seconds in tracks, but when I try to play the tracks back (tried without monitor engaged as I would in cubase but also tried with monitor engaged) and I see nothing in the meters in the tracks or the stacks I have routed them to. The waveforms. in the recordings also seem small and nearly opaque in the track displays (may gains and levels are ideal). I’m sure I am missing something basic here… Also, the monitor of each track seems to automatically engage which may be an issue if I want to “soundcheck” what I already played in the context of a song (assuming monitoring means the same thing as in DAWs). Anyone help me right the ship here?

Secondly, I want to be able to record and mix the non global stacks for each song, does the same logic apply (e.g., do I create tracks to send the mic signals to and then send those to the relevant parts which activate once triggered)? When I tried creating tracks for each stack I ended up with way too many tracks and multiple live signals so I am assuming that isn’t the correct way.

Ideally, I want to record tracks for each stack in every song in the set and then add effects/mix the vocals/guitars to suit each verse chorus etc, so I need to better understand the interplay between tracks and stacks. Any thoughts on best practices would be appreciated, I’ve read the manual thrice but it is somewhat sparse in this area.

There’s a learning curve here but really digging it as I get up to speed! Bravo Steinberg.

I think the recording levels were low which is odd given the levels shown in the SSL outs on each channel. Will increase preamp gain and retry today. Update to follow.

I’ve increased the preamp gains across the board to borderline overload levels. When I record into the tracks I see waveforms but as soon as I hit stop on the transport, the waveforms flatten to nearly nothing. The waveforms then displayed seem to be identical, which would never happen on kick vs snare tracks. I have the inputs correct for each mic and outputs set for the correlating global stack.

I then cannot hear anything playing the track back when I route the output to the global tracks and have those set to the sound card out port. What am I missing here? Thanks for having a look.

Show track inspector, did you set up the inputs correctly?

You do understand that tracks play into Stacks, not vice versa, right? Track playback (which runs in parallel to input monitor btw per default) output is routed to Stack Input. Track Input is set in the track inspector. I suspect you are somewhat mislead because that would also explain why all your tracks don’t record much, and all record the same signal, right?
inpector->input port->track monitor/playback->Stack input.

Attached a clip of the inspector, the global stack and a screen cap of the waveform while recording - it is there and then disappears. I hear each track fine when playing and can solo each etc.

Here is the kick showing an input, recording an input, but then the waveform is gone

I think that’s what I’ve done re routing

Dante preamp input —> track —> global stack input —> output of stack in mixer to stereo out (main output).

When i just play the drums, each stack shows a signal and they output to the correct main output and I get sound from the mixer channel in my Dante mixer. When I record, I hear the mix live and see the waveform but as soon as I stop recording the waveform disappears. I’m not doubting it’s a mistake on my end but I’m decent with routing; it’s odd the tracks monitor and show an initial waveform but then that waveform disappears when I stop recording.

That is weird indeed.

I see in your pictures that you are recording over an exsisting event (previous recording?). Does it work when you record into “empty space”? Probably not.

The only explanation that comes to mind immediately is that the recording audio file cannot be written to the storage medium. You may want to copy the entire project to a different (writable) location (or use “Save Archive”), then open and save the copy and try again.

One more thing…are you eventually recording in cycle mode? Does that make a difference? Can you record when cycle is off?

Hi Music,

Thanks for your help.

I’ve tried with both cycle on and off. I also recorded into empty space. I set up a new project using another drive as the target drive for the project. Again, monitoring works and sounds great. I see waveforms as I record and then hit stop and it flatlines every track. I’m out of ideas. Is there some permission I need to give OSX to record?

… can you please create a “Archive” of your test-project and send it to us? Use “VST Live / Menu / File / Save Archive …”.

Thank you,

Update: deleted and reinstalled the program, now I’m seeing waveforms in the recordings and can hear them on playback. Fantastic. Thanks again for the assist, I promise I’m not as hapless as I appear.

Good that you sorted it out…kind of, because yes, you seem to know what you do, so why would this ever happen? Weird, never had anything the like. But great that it works out again!

So I can hear the tracks now, but I still see the same tiny waveform in each track once recording is completed. Sent an archive to Michael to analyze. I would like to see the waveforms to get relative levels, which I’m sure is the norm.

Also, is there a way to set mute/solo conventions to mute and solo both the track and corresponding global stack the track feeds? Otherwise it takes multiple steps to cue a single track to set EQ/comps/gates.