Proj/right zone/FX: no pictures ("show pics"=on)

there are no pictures of cubase default FX- only grey rectangles :confused:


Might be an installation issue.

de-/reinstalled C10: no pics further on - but I don’t care… will use the camera function… :unamused:

Another question in the same area, is it possible to add pictures of my own External Devices in that zone?
If I have my own picture of the FX or synth?

I have same issue of the pics for right zone vst fx and instruments have disappeared. Pics button is on. Reinstalled and deleted preferences didnt help. Worked for 1 day.

deleting the Cubase 9 and 9.5 preferences folder in appdata/roaming fixed it for me

nevermind. It’s back to no pictures. (after I added a hundred pics for my vst fx of course…arggh) Hope a patch is coming soon.


Did you install any other Steinberg application (for example HALion) after Cubase 10 installation?

No. I have all the apps from Absolute 2 previously installed.

Strange. I’m using Cubase 10 since day one here now, and never lost a single pic so far.
It’s not so easy to find the reason for things not happening generally.
I updated from 9.5 without deleting any preferences. I even imported the old preferences and then edited them to my liking in the new version.

Can also confirm this, pictures are gone for default Steinberg instruments and FXs after upgrading from Cubase 9.5 to Cubase 10. Can add them again manually using the camera and they seem to stay put so far.