Project 48 or 44.1 help please


I can’t belive I have been so ‘doh’ here but this is what I have done and where I am…

I have 24 tracks in a folder obviously at 48 recorded at a studio.

I have SE5 and it is good for the little I do but…

I didn’t notice that the New Project was set up default as 44.1 and loaded the tracks in okay.

Did a little editing and saved the project and exported a Mixdown at 44.1.

I did this for about 12 songs/projects and finally noticed that they played in the wrong key!

I assumed I should have the Project at 48 then import and finally export the mix at 44.1

Is there anything I can do to change the incorrect key mixes or is it best I invest in the time to redo them all again with the correct Project rate of 48 ?

Many thanks