Project Activation Button Missing!


Ive spent more than hour on this so I am trying to not lose my cool.

For some reason my Activate Project lightening bolt in the top left has disappeared, which I think is the reason I can not record on new projects. If I bring up an older project eg one I recorded a week ago I can record audio but not on new projects.

What am I doing wrong? It’s got to be something simple.

I was trying to load projects from an external hard drive. Projects that I had on my old computer a year ago and I wanted to work on again. This may have caused the problem because everything was fine before that. But on neither those projects or starting an empty project allows me to record audio.

Any help appreciated. Cubase 9 Artist

if only one project is opened there is no need for the “activate” button

maybe there is something wrong with the recording folder setting

thanks for the reply st10ss u might be right