Project and Track Information to Notepad

This is a repeat request like for Cubase 7.5

Obviously with a project file, all the relevant information is saved within that file, like what VST’s were used, what FX were applied, song structure etc etc.

Would really appreciate it (I am sure many others would too) if the following is possible:

When you have a project open, copy a particular tracks information to Notepad for that track (maybe a batch utility too for all the selected tracks), maybe select what you want to copy (tick box), such as VST, Bank/Preset and any plugins loaded and what order.

This way, when loading the project at a later date, if something (plugin/vst etc) doesn’t load correctly, we should at least be able to view the notes for a particular track then deal with it accordingly.

Current process is tedious, having to look it up, then making the notes manually. With technology moving so quick, we change computers and other hardware over time, new updates (OS and Cubase) and even plug in updates, having this sort of information can be incredibly useful.


I agree. That would be a great feature. I find the Track Notepad too much work to add good track documentation. I would like some easy way to input track notes. Like being able to tab between track notes. There is a key command to open the track notepad for a track but you still have use the mouse to click to activate the window so you can type in it. Then it is more clicking to get to the next track you want to document. I like to know what Mic I used, what mic Pre. Maybe even some of the settings for the recording end. Then on the mix end what plugins I used. It would be helpful if you have some sweet sound and you didn’t remember what you did. You can do it but they don’t make it easy.