Project Assistant Templates Missing

I appear to have lost all the templates that come preinstalled with Cubase. I probably over-wrote my own ones when I installed 6.5.1 , but the default ones are gone too, any idea how I can get them back, or how I can put them back ? Thanks.

Fixed. Trashed preferences and the templates came back.

Feels like I am having to trash preferences every time I want to do something with Cubase at the moment, it’s extremely unstable.

Since 6.5, plug-ins that worked fine are now crashing.

I’m also getting weird issues like this… First i lost all my key-commands for no reason what so ever.
And after i manged to get that sorted out all my templates dissapeared for no reason what so ever.

Steinberg don’t seem to be able to write anything in a solid way.
I don’t understand why we have to trash prefs all the time.