Project audio and edits in wrong project folder

I made an error when I was starting a new project. I have a temp project I sometime load up when I’m just trying out new software / instruments etc.

I normally just quit the project but I liked what I had done - and instead of using the back-up project option so I could continue the project I must have simply saved to a new folder. So I’ve ended up with a new track I’ve finished for a publisher but I’ve realised it’s referencing the old temp project folder.

I could simply just at this stage use the back up project option and it would correct all the referencing - however I’ve used the sampler track and there’s that bug where the sampler track loses the audio if you backup project. I have bounced the sampler tracks but Ideally i’d keep them as sampler tracks so i can make edits once i get feedback.

Any ideas how to proceed?


I would recommend to use Project Template for this.

If you open the source project, you should see all the audio files in use in the Sampler Track within the samplertrack subfolder in the Pool. So you can find out, which audio files you used.

Does it help?

Thanks Martin - Yeah that helps. It probably wouldn’t take too much time to reconstruct after I’ve backed up the project. It’s just slightly more of a pain because I’ve used the slice option in the sampler.

Once the sampler track has lost it’s audio I don’t think you can point out where it is so I’d have to create another sampler track and experiment with the slice threshold etc to get the same results.


I would expect, you would see it in Pool. It will start with the ???, but then you should see the path.

Thanks - I tried going ahead and backing up the folder and it actually seems to have worked correctly and referenced the right files where as before I’m sure it has lost the connection.


Actually I think, the bug with the Sample Track has been fixed already.

It’s still present, if you move it to 2nd machine, but within the same machine, I think it has been fixed (I would say).