Project Audio I.D. snippet in, perhaps, Hub?

Suggestion: Project Identification Clip

Project files can be named, dated, put in project folders and so on – all good. However, it would be helpful if we could somehow associate a small audio snippet of the Project along with the file.

This way we’d be able to look at file names and click a little “play” button and the snippet would play.

I create a lot of projects and versions and sometimes I just don’t remember what a project sounds like without opening it. A short clip associated with the file name would help Users review Projects without having to actually open the Project. The “I.D. Snippet” or whatever it would be called, would be defined by the User as part of the Project. The “I.D. Snippet” could be created and changed as needed.

Something like:

File Name, Play Button for “Project I.D clip”

Kind of like an Audio Version of a “First Lines Index.”

That would be great! A function that simply records in background and keeps the last 10 seconds or so in a global folder that’s easy to find in Mediabay and your OS‘ folder structure!

I know that situation with loads of projects that have weird names until they eventually grow up to be a real song, loading dozens of them to find the one in mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks. :slight_smile: That’s exactly it.

The Audio I.D. could be the last 10 seconds, or, even better I think, a short user selection that is designated as the “Audio I.D.” for the project. My project names include things like style, bpm, or whatever seems logical, as they “grow up” as you put it, an Audio I.D. could be so helpful with project management.

The user selection could be connected to a cyle marker. The latest playback through the cycle gets saved with a timestamp. That’d be smooth :stuck_out_tongue:


I like that. A special “Project Audio ID Cycle Marker.” Set it, do an export audio mix for that marker and the Audio ID clip is attached to and associated with the Project file. It could be limited in terms of length and bandwidth, just enough to give us a way to say “oh yeah, that one.”



I like this idea :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Good idea. On Mac OS they have Quick Look, which I believe can be used by devs via certain tools provided by the Apple dev tools. In Windows Exploder though, there’s no such construct, afaik. Since the hub doesn’t update dynamically this would not be the place for it, I think. Files renamed or moved would not be accurately previewed in the hub, so it would have to be on the OS level.

So, I’m pessimistic about this being added. But it would be a very practical, straightforward and simple to use feature.

I understand. That makes total sense about it being at the OS Level. Maybe I’ll go create a Utility program for this, maybe someone else will beat me to it. The ID Clip cold also be just spoken audio slate information, etc, etc,. . I’m glad you like the idea. Thanks for the info. Back to the kitchen.

Thanks. Steve really had the good comment about this. … O/S level modification needed to implement (most likely).

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As I wrote in the 21 May 2017 in the following post:

I’ve found a work around by every time exporting an audio file with the SAME name as the project name. In that way I can easily pair them together with MediaBay filtering.

Of course, the ideal approach would be as I described in the initial post at the linked above.

Having several hundreds of Cubase projects.CPR files, it’s a time-consuming task to load a project every time I want to hear the content.

It would be good to have the possibility to “link” an exported audio file to the specific Cubase Project (. CPR) file - OR - to select “Project Preview” as an export option direct from “Audio Mixdown” menu. Then Cubase will place such file in a specific folder.

So, when browsing files in the MediaBay, selecting a .pcr file, its audio “Project Preview” file will automatically play. Just like when you select an ordinary .wav (audio) file.

My vote +1 for this!

FYI… I have made a similar suggestion for the past ten years. I want to be able to view the CPR’s Project Notes when I see the File Open dialogue box.

Neither adding Project Notes text or a simple WAV preview would require NO, repeat NO heavy duty programming–neither for Windows or Mac OS. Both OSs offer at least two ways this could be easily implemented. Lots of apps already do it.

Interesting. Another “annual request.” :wink: Notes would be good, but the small audio sample I.D. sound tag would be helpful to all of us.

Good posts, interesting. +1

People want what they want, but viewing Project Notes in a file dialogue is a better solution for a couple of reasons…

  1. It would require almost no coding for SB.

  2. I often have literally -dozens- of versions of various songs. Having a text description of a CPR—where I can document what I was trying to accomplish, is a LOT more useful than getting a short snippet of audio which would be largely the same in all the different versions.

All that said, since the last idea on my Annual Request list that has been implemented took 10 years. So I wouldn’t stress about which idea is better. :wink:



Heh – I won’t stress out about it and the notes idea is a very good one.