Project being saved with a different file name

Hi there.

This is for Cubase Pro v. 11.0.0.
Recently I noticed that every time I’m going to open the project file, it has a numeric suffix added to it automatically.
For instance, a project named “tmp” will start to have several files in the folder: tmp-01.cpr, tmp-02.cpr, tmp-03.cpr, and so on…, to the point where I now have dozens of files of the same project when I didn’t set up anywhere to have so many backup files.

Is this something that can be configured? Is it a bug? I would appreciate your help.


Those look like Project file versions, typically created explicitly when choosing
File > Save New Version

I’ve never seen this happen automatically. But it could be invoked accidentally via a key command I guess? Or if the default key commands have been altered?

Or are you saving your projects to some cloud storage? In the past that seems to have caused similar behavior for some users.

I’m saving the proj in the normal way, just ctrl+s,
but it could be something with Dropbox, because I’m storing the files there.

I read a similar thread where this was mentioned as well, and apparently there is no clear solution. Or is it?

Moving the work to my local drive and leave the backups to a manual task seems a bit risky, I think I prefer to clean the clutter of repeated files every now and then.

Alternatively, you could consider automating your backups from local disk to cloud storage.

Hi Alex, yes, it’s a Dropbox problem, but it happens in windows only. I made system so that my sessions copy locally to the dropbox folder, one way. It’s a workaround but I got used to it… when I work from somewhere other than my studio I have to remember though, otherwise files would get overwritten.

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