Project BPM slightly different after importing in Cubase


I’ve noticed that when I import the project into Cubase, the BPM is slightly different. For example, from the image you can see how importing a project that was at 130 on Cubasis looks different on Cubase (version 12.0.60).

2023-04-03 16_02_53-Cubase Pro progetto di Mauro Lamanna - Confused and scared

In fact, using the zoom, you can see that all parts are not cut perfectly to measure.

My systems:

  • Cubasis (updated) on Android
  • Cubase 12.0.60 on Windows 11

Hi @lordadb,

So far, we are unaware about project import issues like this.
Please share the original Cubasis Android project with us.


Sure, I will send you a pm as soon as I can.