Project BPM slightly different after importing in Cubase


I’ve noticed that when I import the project into Cubase, the BPM is slightly different. For example, from the image you can see how importing a project that was at 130 on Cubasis looks different on Cubase (version 12.0.60).

2023-04-03 16_02_53-Cubase Pro progetto di Mauro Lamanna - Confused and scared

In fact, using the zoom, you can see that all parts are not cut perfectly to measure.

My systems:

  • Cubasis (updated) on Android
  • Cubase 12.0.60 on Windows 11

Hi @lordadb,

So far, we are unaware about project import issues like this.
Please share the original Cubasis Android project with us.


Sure, I will send you a pm as soon as I can.

Hi, @LSlowak ,

my issue is never gone. You can see below the imprecise tempo in Cubase.
Wrong tempo
The original Cubassis BPM project is 86.3.

The audio files in the Cubase pool indicate that the original bpm was correct:
tempo issue - audio file
Anyway, if I adjust the tempo manually to 86.3 in Cubase, the click loses the sync.

My system is updated:

  • Cubasis (last version) on Android (Xiaomi Redmi 8)
  • Cubase Pro 13.0.20 on Windows 11
  • Cubasis importer 3.6 pre-release.

I can share with you via pm an example project, if you want.

Hi @lordadb

Do you set the project tempo in Cubasis via tap tempo?


I set the project tempo by pushing + and - buttons.