Project Browser = Event List

For all you switchers out there, the Event List (one of my most-used pages in LPX) is called the Project Browser in C8 (cmd-B)

I’ll try to post any more useful parallels between the two.

It’s quite intuitive coming back to Cubase but there are still areas where I’m struggling to do the same thing. I have to say SB have made it very easy to do some of the stuff I found a bit of a ball-ache in LP(X). Writing a track whilst learning the new ropes tends to focus the mind too :slight_smile:




Yes that in combination with the List Editor in Cubase, since Logic shows you different levels of events in the Event list. Of course if you click on the part in the Project Structure it is pretty similar.

I’m curious what you use the Project Browser for in particular to help with projects? I’m wondering if there is a Pool for MIDI parts (regions). It would be nice to have access to them still even if they are deleted from a track or if a track is deleted.

I couldn’t agree more.