Project Can Not Be Saved -- Corrupt

After deleting some unused events, a large project became “corrupt” and could not be saved. There’s a lot of DOP in the project. Was able to open a backup ONE TIME. Couldn’t save it – then it wouldn’t open. I’ve seen threads about this in the past – nothing comes up with a search now.

I tired “Backup Project” – saved the audio, but gave the Can not save project - corrupt error.


Nuendo 8.3.20 Windows

The only time this happened to me, it was because the project had consumed all available ram. Is this a possibility for you? (I see you have win 7 32bit and 64bit. If you are using your 32bit version your ram will max out around 3G or so…regardless of how much ram is installed. You may know all this, and it may not be the problem. Just sharing what happened to me once a long time ago.)

If this IS the problem, and if you ever get a backup to open again, offload a heavy ram vsti or delete some tracks to see if it will free up enough ram to save under a new name.

How old is your eliceenser key?
I’m asking as I had a ton of super strange issues and it all went away when I replaced my ten year old elicenser.

I’m on a Mac, but I’ve had similar issues when I’m saving to an external hard drive. It’s usually a connection or drive starting to go bad.