Project Color Setup Obsolete

This is not new and it is slightly frustrating. The Color Set in the Project Color Setup window that I have defined for my needs for tracks in version 10 is not available in the new version 10.5. I tried different way to access this Color set, the import of a template included, but nothing to do. I will probably have to reconfigure the setup. It’s time lost …

It would be so simple to be able to save a color set as a file (XML or other) and to import it into any file or Cubase version files.

The features of Project Color Setup are obsolete. Until you have some more functional, is it possible to add the following option: Save Color Set as a File … and another: Open Color Set File … and that it is compatible with all next versions of Cubase. Is it so complicated to implement??? :blush: :cry: :angry: :imp: