Project Colours not importing to Default?

So… I have my fave 24 colours in a Project. I hit the Project Colors thing and Save As Default. Doing that makes those 24 now the ‘Default’ right?

But when I open another project, with say 16 colours and I hit Project Colors and set the colours to the Default, it does -not- seem to apply my 24 Faves to the palette of the current CPR.

Am I doing something wrong?

ALSO: Didn’t there used to be a way to save Colors as a Preset? If not, there should be.

Same here, for a while, I have to go to a prior project and make my set the default and then bring that in, every new project.

But when you open a new CPR and hit ‘Set As Default’ does it actually import the ‘default’ colours?

And speaking rhetorically… WHY have colours -always- been such a fraught deal in Cubase? I mean, we’re talking COLOURS? Of all the stuff to make such a constant, year after year PITA, why COLOURS?

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An excellent question.

Reminds me of something:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :skull_and_crossbones:

So… I didn’t read every line of that thread… is there -any- way to apply your ‘default’ colours to another -existing- CPR? I keep trying ‘button two’ and ‘apply’ and it never works.

What exactly do you mean by apply? If you mean that loading the default preset and hitting apply would substitute the running project’s colors with your wanted default, I don’t think it does that. I think it just loads your color palette with those colors.

I wish it was simpler, as it is now I have a 128 color palette (overkill), and try not to mess with it much. If colors were simpler to work with, I could have more sets, but smaller ones, and change between them.

Hmmm… What is the ‘Button two’ ? Don’t want to make any mistake, as the whole thing is completely unreliable. I usually keep the colors of previous projects as they are, afraid to use this POS…

Oy… as a former customer service guy… who believes in making things EASY for customers… this sort of basic usability thing gets me so upset I don’t know what to do. Even having to re-state the problem for the umpteenth time elevates my blood pressure.

I simply want to open an existing CPR, then hit some magical button that applies my personal favourite pallete of 24 colours to that -existing- project,.

I want this because I OFTEN revisit CPRs from -years- ago… back before I had a consistent colour plan and I want to bring them into my current standard workflow.

Apparently that’s too much to ask.

Yes. I get the feeling sometimes that Cubase is too timid when it comes to backwards compatibility or feature implementation. This case is a good example.

In my opinion, this “Reset Color Set to Default” button should be split into two buttons.

  1. Substitute project colors. This would re-paint everything in the project to the closest match. Undoable of course.

  2. Load color set to color picker. Undoable.

So that you know what you’re doing in both cases where you:

a) Have an old project that you want to auto-colorize according to your current colors.
b) Have an old project that you want its colors preserved, but want to have your “current” colors at hand in order to colorize new tracks/whatever.

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Actually, the only thing that works reliably is using the Set Track to color default in the palette drop down of the arrange window toolbar : we can use it to recolor the tracks of an already existing project, accordingly to what is set in the Preferences>User Interface>Track Type Default Colors pane. At least, we have 9 colors usable in a reliable way.

Everything else related to the color management is more or less broken… :neutral_face:

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I hadn’t noticed this, thanks!

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: