Project corrupt message

Need some help not sure if this is a bug but im in the middle of my first track on cubase 6 and im getting a message that the projects corrupt and cant save. tried everything seems that the projects ok up to last save
but once i start work i soon get a message come up. tried saving in a different location but still no joy.

Do you have any VST instruments loaded?

I once had this problem, it turned out it was a buggy VSTi (Stylus RMX as I recall - I’m sure the thing still has a memory leak in it)
I removed it from the instrument rack and then project then saved OK…
A bit of trial and error would be required though so make sure you create a preset of the current VSTi program before unloading it.

It’s a shot in the dark but you never know…


Thanks but your right it was a plugin when i was importing midi files from guru thats when i get the message .

Stylus 1.9.5d is being more stable now, on Win7. But I feel it takes more time to close/open the plug now…