Project crash and can’t open it

My project broke down while I was working. I can’t open it because it tells me that the project is probably damaged. I am also unable to open a copy of the project even though I have not worked with it before. I’m afraid that I will lose this project as well as others that are saved. I’m afraid to open them. How to fix it. Or maybe the developer of the program should do it.

Hi @JeyeR,

Thanks for your message and warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Please follow these steps:
(1) Shut down Cubasis
(2) Go to the “iPad settings” and scroll down to the “Cubasis 3 app icon” (located on the left).
(4) Tap the “Cubasis app icon” in the list and enable “Load empty project on next app launch”

As the message implies, Cubasis should launch with an empty project afterwards.

In addition, please browse the MediaBay to find the project which fails to open, and send it to us for further evaluation. To do so, please upload it via DropBox or similar and let me have the download link via private message.

Hope that helps!


Hi @JeyeR,

Thank you for your message.
Which app version do you use iOS or Android?