Project crashes C9.5.1 and 9,03

…also it still crashes when i try to open it in safe mode…it doesnt seem to be crashing at the same spot every time…most of the time while its trying to load Komplete Kontrol or after that… i tried disabling the instrument but still the same…any suggestions?Project seems to load on the other machine using latest nuendo but i dont have all plugins there to check for sure…any suggestions?


Could you share the crash dump file, please?

Hi…where do i find that?

Win: Documents/Steinberg/crashdump
Mac: Console utility

hopefully this will help…

I will have a look on Monday.


This crash is in Cubase. I passed it over to Steinberg.


Could you please attach more crash dumps?

The one you sent point to the crash while loading Cubase. Not loading project. How do you open the project? Is Cubase already running? Or do you doubt-click to the CPR file without Cubase running? If this is the case, what happens, if you start Cubase from its EXE, and load the project by using menu? Or by dragging the file to the Cubase icon in the Start bar?


@MJ Note: CAN-13358

Thanks for looking at it…ill recreate the problem and send a new dump in a little bit