Project Crashing On Load

Hi there.

I was working on a project the other night. Saved as normal and shut my computer down.

When i loaded the project the next day i was presented with the error “a serious problem has occurred”

It will not let me go any further than this error and the project lags out trying to load the Kick channel.

A dump file has been created which i am unsure how to read. I was wondering if anybody was able to help me out and have a look at the dump file. I have seen a couple posts online saying it could be a plugin causing the error, but i really have no idea.

Would appreciate any help. thank you

Since no one is answering… I will suggest that you try temporarily renaming the .vst files in your vst folder to .bak and starting CB and your project (without the 3rd party vsts loaded). Then change a few .bak files back to the .vst extension and restart as necessary to find the offening vst. A tedious process for sure. :frowning:

Regards. :sunglasses: