Project crashing repeatedly when moving graphics

I’m coming to the end of a big project and desperately need to finish, but Dorico has started crashing every time I move an object in Engrave mode. It has crashed 5-6 times always when I’m doing the same thing.

I’m using a new macbook pro with M2 - no problems like this ever before.

Please help!

I feel your pain, but you’re going to need to provide some more information. Can you post the file? Can you post your crash logs?

Dorico 4-2024-02-03-175459.ips (115.3 KB)
Dorico 4-2024-02-03-175729.ips (106.7 KB)
Dorico 4-2024-02-03-180042.ips (137.2 KB)
Dorico 4-2024-02-03-180124.ips (111.5 KB)
Dorico 4-2024-02-03-180835.ips (109.9 KB)

It seems to only happen when I’m working on a part layout - just tried again with my score layout and it’s ok

If you are happy to take a look, I can send the file directly to you? Thank you

Sorry, I’m just a fellow user. I was just letting you know that the Dorico team would want that info.

OK, thanks - I’m a little hesitant about posting it in a public forum but I’m happy to share privately

When one of the team comments here, they’ll suggest a way for you to share it privately.

Jamie, sorry to hear of the crashes you’re experiencing. Can you please send me the project in a private message, along with details of how to reproduce the crash? To send me a private message, click on my little avatar above this message, then click the big blue Message button.

Thanks to Daniel for the quick responses and help.

Resolution was just to effectively reset the layout and start again - it seems that I had too many crazy manual layout changes.