Project Cursor Bug still in Cubase Pro 11

I’m having a random issue where the project cursor will “disappear” during playback and scrolling will stop even with auto-scroll enabled. I can stop playback and click around to different regions of the timeline and playback will begin from there, but the cursor remains missing and no scrolling occurs. It randomly re-appears again and starts working as expected. There doesn’t seem to be anything I do to recreate this issue, it just randomly happens, and it happens often, which is extremely annoying. This is with Cubase PRO 11.0.10 running on Windows 10 (Version: 2004, OS Build: 19041.867). An instance of Superior Drummer 3 is the only 3rd party plugin I have activated.


I’m having exactly the same issue (Win 10) and it’s driving me crazy. I can eventually force it to come back by extreme zooming in and out, or minimizing and re-opening the project window. Cubase 10.5 was fine. I know 2 other people locally that have the same issue with V11. Patiently waiting for an update to fix it (and plenty of other bugs i keep encountering too)

It’s the same issue on the Mac system (BigSur) as well. It’s a really irritating problem.

Windows 10 64x. 11 version. The same problem. And in the shortcut, the cursor also moves from right to left!