Project cursor falls behind when VST instrument tracks are frozen in Cubase Elements 12

Windows 10 Pro
Cubase Elements 12.0.52
VST Used: :

  • Halion Sonic SE
  • VK-1 Viking
  • Helm
  • Cassette Drums 909
  • CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.01 GHz
  • GPU: NVIDIA 750ti 2GB DRAM
  • RAM: 32GB
  • Kingston SATA SSD
  • RealTek Sound(until my Steinberg AI arrives)
  • ASIO4ALL(until my Steinberg AI arrives)
  • Set at 48k/256

Noticed that the project cursor falls behind in tracking current position while VST instrument tracks are frozen.

  1. Created new project with 4 VST instrument tracks with VSTs listed above.
  2. Recorded data, duplicated phrases and created backing track on 3 tracks lasting 1:28 at 130bpm for a total of 48 bars.
  3. Froze three tracks (Cassette 909, Halion Sonic SE, and Helm)
  4. Recorded solo part using VK-1 Viking (did not notice the cursor lagging at this point)
  5. Played project back and notice the project cursor lagging behind.
  6. Closed and re-opened project. Project cursor still lagging behind on playback.
  7. Closed and restarted Cubase Elements 12 and re-opened project… Project cursor still lagging behind.
  8. Unfroze all three tracks and project cursor is now in sync.

While it doesn’t seem to affect my use of Cubase, it does create an aesthetic annoyance that should be fixed. It certainly could be related to my hardware or the ASIO4ALL weirdness but I am not convinced it’s anything but Cubase. Some people may rely on that cursor position for a visual cue. I do realize that my GPU RAM is only half the minimum requirements but I am not creating an undue load either on the system or the software with 4 tracks. I would expect if this were an actual issue, it would occur all of the time.