project data from one song to another elements 8?

I have two songs to mix for a band. I have completed one song and now I want to import all the track settings into the other songs. For example I want the plugins from the kick track song A imported onto the kick track of song B. I know one way is to ‘save selected track’ form song A and then ‘load selected track’ in song B. Is there a way to do that with multiple tracks vs one at a time? Also I just want the plugins, not the fader settings.

Is there a similar way to do this with creating a whole new track from and existing project. For example, song A I created a couple of group track for parallel compression. Is it possible to import that track and its setting into song B?

I have read where this is a request and that there isn’t a super easy way to do it. I’m wondering how everyone else does it their own way.

Thanks in advance.