Project dedication

Hi, after a last Discover Dorico Session I tried to enter a dedication in Dorico. Unfortunately unsuccessful. Would appreciate very much your help.

What I do:
I open in Engrave Mode a First Masterpage.
Create text frame.
Enter a token {@projectdediction@} there, save, close.
Open project info window, choose Project (not a flow), enter my dedication “for XXXXX” in a dedication line, OK, close.

And…nothing happens. There are no overrides on this page and no overrides in the whole project. What I am doing wrong?

Well, {@projectdediction@} definitely won’t get you what you want!

Snark aside, I’d need more info. Is this the original First master page? Do you have the correct layout selected (part vs. score)?

Aside from Dan’s useful thoughts, check that your Layout Options are actually set to USE the First master page. It could be that it’s set to use a Flow Heading on a regular Default Master Page.

Another thought: Did you press „Apply“ in the Master Page Editor?


Or did you change both the left and right pages in the First master page? It’s easy to forget the one of the right (recto), and that’s actually the default first page of your score (unless you added a title page).

Thank you very much for your answers. I recognised my mistake - I didn’t copy L to the R. After I did it, a dedication appeared as expected. Thank you very much for your help