Project Default Chord Symbol Appearances dialog

I’m using a slash for minor7 chords. I’d like to make the slash thicker. I know how to edit this for e.g. A-7 chord.

But do I need to edit every twelve minor7 chords individually (i.e. Bb-7; B-7; C-7 etc)? Or is there somewhere I can do the same as default for all minor7 chords

You can make a global change to the - if you want. In Project Default Chord Symbol Appearances, select the - (in blue below), then click the Edit Component pencil below it.

You are now in the Edit Chord Symbol Component window where you can make a global change to that - glyph size and positioning. (The scale values have to match.) Hit Ok to return to Project Default Chord Symbol Appearances and see how it looks, but remember not to make an edit in that window or it won’t be global.

Not every suffix can be edited like this though. If it doesn’t appear in the row of symbols underneath it will have to be manually edited and yes, edited for all roots. I do 21 roots in my default, so all #s and flats but no double sharps or flats. It’s a colossal PITA so I probably have a couple hundred suffix edits, ugh!


Thanks for this!

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