Project-dependent I/O ???


How can I save and recall my I/O presets (I/O + External FX!!) with different projects??


Can you give some example of what do you mean?

For example: I have 2 general templates.
One for recording and other for mixing/mastering. The difference is in I/O settings. In recording template I use 32 I/O. That’s fine…
For mastering template I use TC6000 (which has 4 engines) as External FX. All 4 engines are routed to the first 8 Inputs and Outputs on my soundcard (RME RayDAT).
When External FX I/Os are defined, Nuendo disables channels (in INPUT and OUTPUT section) which are now in “Not Connected” mode. Thats all fine. Until I recall recording template / project back. Now I have to “reload” also Inputs and Outputs presets for 32 I/O. Because I/O settings ARE NOT saved with project (and vice-versa when I recall back mastering project)!
I just want to ask - WHY?!? And how can I solve this problem?
It is not hard to reload Inputs and Outputs any time, but It’s not nice to enter manually External FX routing, because there is no chance to SAVE any preset!

I’m in a similar situation, although still with N7 (and Cubase Pro 9). I too have TC 6000 engines and other hardware routed into Nuendo. This problem is reported by me since years here and it is totally beyond me why this is nonsense is carried over to Nuendo 8. It is clear how it should work: I/Os and connected channels should be saved with the project file and recalled perfectly. If necessary the I/Os and connections can be overwritten by a separate I/O file. But this never works, at least not with complex setups. Add to this, that Workspaces and mixer layouts are also messed up when loading projects with other window layouts and applying a Workspace setting and you have chaos when you ‘need’ it least. All this is faulty since years and my two biggest complains about Nuendo and Cubase.

here is what I wrote 2014:

… I have to use Logic Pro X instead of Nuendo for mastering… :blush:

Will we ever get this?
Would be a HUGE game changer for me.