Project destroying bug

Hi all,

I encountered a project destroying bug that was really bizarre. Basically, upon hitting undo multiple times to get rid of a trumpet melody I had recorded in micro sonic, 5 unique audio clips each on their own lane were all replaced by the last audio clip I had recorded.

Here is he step log to how i might have arraigned at it:

Loaded audio track
Loaded AUM as an IAA input
Launched AUM, created new session with Launchpad
Selected Cubasis as output
Recorded Launchpad output to track lane in Cubasis.
In Cubasis, create new track lane, drag the recorded audio off the previous lane to make room for next recorded sound.

I repeated this step about five times. The last audio clip recorded I normalized.
Created new lane with midi micro sonic track.
Recorded some takes, used undo three times.
Third undo, all my audio clips were replaced with the last previously recorded with no way to undo or redo. With no project version control, or ability to turn off auto save in favor of manually saving, project was lost.

Thanks for looking into this

Undo is unreliable for years,(use at your own risk)