Project doesnt start after trial period ended

I used grand 3 trial in cubase 6 in one project, and now that the trial period has ended, cubase crashes when trying to open the project. :angry: So how can I get rid of that inactive plugin and get the project opened? Any help appreciated.

Are you using The Grand 3 SE? If the answer is yes, just upload your Cubase 6 session file and I will be able to open it, unload The Grand and save it again for you.

Let me know if you need this!

Oh, thanks! Sounds great, but I guess I’d propably loose all the other plugin configurations there (as you dont have those), so I’m going to first try to contact tech support and see if they can come up with an alternative solution.

But thank you a lot anyway!

No, I will have a lot of warnings asking for missing plugins, audio and midi files, but if I don’t change anything, all configuration will stay untouched. The only alteration will be deleting The Grand 3 plug-in.

I already did this kind of thing for friends, and always worked!