Project errors, precise reporting of fault

Sometimes, I’m sure we all have experienced this, projects that fail to load, why can’t Cubase specify the exact reason it’s failed? It will know as it’s Cubase in the vast majority of cases reporting the problem!
It’s embedded in the crash file which is a pain to work out, surely you can enable a feature to display which particular plugin is causing the issue, a file etc.
Error handling has to be better, my Cubase sometimes just shows as “not responding”, I need to terminate it and the crash dump file is not even created when I do this! Yes I know I can create a dump file via Windows, but who wants to go through that jibrish, and have the time to do it!?
Steinberg support is not worth mentioning as they take weeks to respond, at least invest in better error reporting, better visibility so we can troubleshoot ourselves. Disabling all plugins isn’t the answer, if it’s one causing the issue, and perhaps repeatedly, then we can notify the plugin developer and avoid using it in the meantime. I did this with the Reason Studios VST, it kept causing crashes, I avoided using it for two months! This was through my own troubleshooting, not because Cubase notified me!
It could even be a separate application where we check the project file integrity, it would check it as if Cubase is opening the file and report any issues.

Just this morning I had Cubase crash while opening a Project. When I tried to open it again it gave me the Safe Mode setup screen. And on that screen it told me the name of the plug-in that triggered the crash. I’d never noticed anything like this before. It might only show this on crashes at launch for all I know. But next crash (which are infrequent for me) I’m keeping an eye on it.

The issue is that a project (random or a particular one) would open but not play, in task manager, it tells me Cubase is not responding. When I force close it and reload Cubase, the message I see is that “the application was terminated unexpectedly”, which in many ways is to be expected.
Hence why even a small troubleshooting application linked to Cubase to verify troublesome projects and point out why it’s failing, instead of going through the crash files (if generated).

As luck would have it I had Cubase crash mid-session and it did not indicate the cause when I relaunched.

Bad luck! I jinxed it for you :crazy_face: