Project fails to load in Cubase 6.5...?


I’m currently using Cubase 6.5. When I try to load some of my projects they crash during the “loading mixer” stage. I’ve noticed that other 6.5 users have had the same problem. I’m wondering: has anyone who has had these problems on 6.5 still having the same problems on 7?

Thanks for your help!

My Projects crash on startup ALOT.

Ah nuts

Try exporting midi and or audio data to .wav and .mid files respectively and create a new project and then re-import the MIDI and Audio data.

how do i export any of those files when i can’t open the project?

You can open projects under a previous version can you not?

Aloha guys

When this happened to me it was a 3rd party plug prob.

Just spitballing here.

Two things to try:

1-Trashing preferences then try opening Cubase
(just the app, not your song)

2-Remove 3rd party plugs from the ‘Plug-Ins Folder’
then try opening Cubase (just the app, not your song)