Project Favorites

Forgive if there is a way of doing this already, I can’t find any info on this.

Here is my problem…

On my Hard drive I have an overall Cubase Projects folder that contains literally hundreds of Projects, some nested within folders etc.

I was using the ‘Recent List’ both on the Hub and Recent File list initially, then I looked at the Media Bay where there is Favoriting but this seems to work for folders rather than songs (CPR Project files)

As I wish to curse through my projects to review the songs some of which go back before the 64bit plugin update I have had to utilise jbridge which works fine except now and then it freezes Cubase. When this happen or Cubase just plain crashes, I loose the ‘Recent Project’ list, to me this is a disaster everytime it happens. I end up forgeting the names of songs and the latest saves that I am working on etc.

I know in an ideal world everything would be correctly labelled and managed and so on, but sometimes in the creative mele I like to bash ideas down quickly so as not to get bogged down in beurocracy I am sure I am not alone in this

This evening I set out to review my list of projects, I spent some hours of loading up different Projects, thus seeding my ‘Recent Projects’ list with lots of songs to listen to and edit over the next few weeks. Then my Cubase crashed and the list has gone!

Can I suggest a better way of storing Recent Projects and Favoriting the Project versions with some kind of manager (On the main Cubase Page~) that keeps a record of the latest saves and updates? Maybe if this could include storing favorited projects in Banks as well ie “My Reggae Songs” or “Post Punk Songs” , “My House Songs” etc etc this would really help when grappling with large amounts of Projects

As I now would like to turn some of my ‘doodles’ into an Album this would really help!

Thanks :sunglasses: