Project file management (hub)

Every time I create a new composition or song, it lives in Project folder with default name - sketch-01 (02, 03 and so on in current month’s folder). When new sketch seems to be almost sucessful composition, then comes a title for it. While it was sketch, autobackup created some backups - name.nak, name-02.bak, name-03.bak…

So, it would be nice to:
1. Inside a DAW rename the sketch to it’s new title also renames backups - name.cpr, name.bak, name-02.bak… becomes NewTitle.cpr, NewTitle.bak, NewTitle-02.bak…

While there is only one .cpr file in projects folder, it is okay to do nothing with this request. But, if I have SomeTitle.cpr, SomeTitle-MIX2.cpr, SomeTitle-MIX3.cpr, SomeTitle-MAS2… MAS3… REMAKE5… REMIX4 and so on, it becomes very painful to rename some 10 files in a jungle of hundred using File Explorer or another file manager.

2. Allow to rename/move/copy Project folder inside a DAW. It is not possible now. I see full path of project and you will say - “Use the command Show in Explorer from rightmouseclick popup menu”. Okay, I can, but the link in hub will be lost if I rename a project or folder! So the “Show in Explorer” can be used only to show files, not manipulations at file level (rename/move/copy).

In both cases DAW should not loose a connection between hub and project. Now, when I rename project, it renames only .cpr file and the connection is lost in hub. I should click “Open Other” and search in a jungle of projects.

Not so bad with me - I’m using the file manager of style of ninetees - FAR Manager - and I rename/move/copy projects and backups with this tool. I simply thinking about the Best DAW in a World! :wink:

Hope to enjoy your understanding :slight_smile: