Project file size big and getting bigger....

We have one project in N4.3 which is >450MB compared with usually <5MB… Can’t see anything unusual about this project, though it is quite edit-heavy.

Any ideas?

BTW, is the old archived Nuendo/Cubase forum searchable? If not, it’s of rather limited value as an archive…

I agree the archive should be searchable. Kind’a silly if it’s not.

Try using a search engine instead.

You can use Google for that.
Just add “” or “” before your search words.


Any ideas about the monster project file? Now 615MB…

More information - the engineer has imported a quantity of WAV’s into the project, changing the sample rate in the process from 48k to 44.1k.

It’s most likely caused by offline processing… Do you use it?

Nice suggestion - yes, there is a fair amount. I’ve told the engineer to bounce all the files when he’s finished editing them and delete the trash, see if that resolves it.

I guess the sophisticated system which enables off-line processing to be undone or changed at any stage must be saving stuff somewhere…


No need to bounce… You can select them all and use “freeze edits” command… Do you use Izotope stuff?

Thanks, will try that. Not Izotope, actually loads and loads of Autotune…