Project file size... how to keep it down?!

Hi ladies and germs…

So I’m starting, on a few projects, to run into massively large PROJECT FILE sizes (as in .cpr files). And I’m just wondering, because save times are starting to become irritating and messing up workflow. I’m pushing 30mgs on one of them. and i kinna just want to know,

:question: 1) what constitutes file sizes? what factors in the projects mostly affects it? and which ones dont? (things like track count, event count, region count, etc)
:question: 2) how, supposing there’s a way, can I keep these file sizes down?
:question: 3) VSTi’s don’t contribute to that, do they?

Anyone who wants to chime in, please do so!! :slight_smile:

Try turning off “Enable Automatic Hitpoint Detection” in Prefs>Editing>Audio

Try updating to 7.5.2. There was a problem with mushrooming file sizes on v7.5.0.

I am on the latest update.

Hmm. I’m wondering if that’s what happened. Now that I think on it, this did probably happen before I updated.

well… i guess that’s that then. Any steps i can take to get it back down to size? FYI, i disabled “automatically detect hitpoints”.

Delete the hitpoints on your audio files if you don’t need them.

“Flatten” the VariAudio in your audio files.

Hi, thanks for the tip! Will this mess up the audio files as they are currently? Any way to do this globally for all audio events?


I’ve deleted all hitpoints across the project… file size went from 37MB down to 29MB.

It’s a step in the right direction!!

or when done editing, bounce your variaudio as a wav.

or if you need to edit just one word on a long wav, cut the offending word, bounce selection, then edit the word with vari audio. It will use considerably less memory!

Is there an easy way of deleting hitpoints from multiple files? I have hundreds of audio files in my project…

Status Update: I deleted all hitpoints and the project went down from 40Mb to 7,5MB. So that totally did it for me!!! Everything is working again.

A plugin was causing this issue on my side. A simple project would take up 100 MB of space. When I removed the plugin from my project (Youlean loudness meter) the project file was 7 MB again. The plugin seemed to store extra stuff over time, so the project file grew after every save.