Project File too BIG, can't open project

Hi all

All of the sudden my project file is 3 GB and it crashes when opening it.

I tried Deactivate Third Party Plugins and Disable Preferences, always crashes…

How do I solve this ? Shouldn’t deactivate third party plugins be working in this case



Unfortunately when this happen, there is no way back. You can try to create an empty project and import the tracks from the original project. But it might not work.

Do you use NI Kontakt? This instrument do this lately quite often. Version 7.7 was released recently. Please, try to install it.

No KONTAKT installed

Several vocals maybe 30-40 tracks, some plugins, a few VSTi, nothing that would make sense this project to be 3 GB

What worries me is the fact that even with disable plugins the project file won’t open in the future…


Interesting… Do you use any ARA plug-in like Melodyne or SpectraLayers by any chance?

I only use Autotune from Cubase , I do have Spectra Layers One installed as well

Could be a VSTi, running a couple of free and purchased ones (Spit Fire Audio, Arturia etc)