Project files going silent

I’ve noticed an issue where seemingly random projects will become silent and there doesn’t seem to be a means to make them sound again. This is after they are saved and later reopened.

No tracks are muted (including the master out), automation is bypassed, volume levels are up, routing throughout the project (each track) is correct with ‘Stereo Out’ on the outputs, the VU per individual tracks even shows sound activity for each track/channel, but the master out does not – no visual activity seen or aural playback heard.

I’ve enabled/disabled ASIO Guard, ensured main outs checked, etc.

I doubt it is a configuration issue on my end as most other project files do playback correctly. I can close out of the ‘bugged’ project, open a non-bugged project and it the non-bugged project functions as intended. But the bugged projects, once bugged, never seem to unmute themselves. It’s just some eventually go silent and I’ve yet to figure out a way to get them back.

I’m on the latest build of Cubase 12 (70). I’m not sure what to make of this beyond it is a bit alarming that all my work could eventually be nullified if I can’t hear the work. Even rendering down doesn’t result in aural sound files on these ‘bugged’ cubase project files.

One other oddity I’ve noticed, with these silent project files, is notes don’t fill the appropriate length for the set note length. For example, if I set the note length to 1/1 and then double click into a track’s pattern to input that 1/1 note, I end up with a 1/8 note no matter what.

I can close this broken project file, open a known working project file, and both sound plays back as well as the proper note lengths are input on the piano roll for a given pattern.

Well, after much troubleshooting, I discovered the issue in one project – it was a plugin issue.

Apparently a naughty Vengeance Sound plugin I had on the master out, despite being disabled, was still muting sound. It looks like the plugin had somehow unauthorized itself. I just ran the Vengeance installer/auth app thingy and the sound came back for the entire project. Ooops!

I still have the issue with the inserting notes not correctly using the indicated note length though on this particular project. I wonder what happened there?