Project Folder Confusion

I have backed up my project to a new folder and verified that the audio file (there is only one at this point - about to be processed via Spectralayers). However when I CTL-P to the Pool it is showing a completely different folder as the Project Folder. If I open the Project Setup dialog it is correctly showing the Project Folder as the one I backed to original project to. What gives? Can anyone explain please? Thanks

Further to my original post I can confirm that following unmixing action via Spectralayers extension the resultant files are not saved in the Project Folder but this other folder, a folder that I do not recall specifying at any point. How do I ensure that the Pool is saving the Project’s audio files to the Project Folder? Why does this have to be so hard for such a basic thing? Grr Grr. Sorry - Cubase 12 Pro on Win 10 Pro Version 22H2 Spectralayers latest version fully updated.