Project folder dissapearing after closing project when...

I was sure I’d asked this before but couldn’t find a post of mine about it, anyway it’s an issue I’ve had for a long time since 8.

When I start a new project and I have some VST’s in it, if I close save and close the project and re-open, sometimes it asks for for the project folder as the one I created when creating the project now doesn’t exist? It doesn’t happen 100% of the time and one way to make sure it doesnt happen at all is to record some audio, then it never happens.

Has anyone else experienced this ‘bug’ ?

I’m on 8.5.0 now(still can’t upgade due to Steinbergs useless installers, just going to wait till 9) so not sure if this bug has been rectified though I doubt it.


When I create a project in a new folder (which I do for every new project), then close it without saving by assigning a name to the actual project, then the new folder is not saved. And I have mistakenly done that a few times even though Cubase will ask you if you want to save it (apparently I must have not saved it). But, if I close the project after saving it with a name then it always saves the project in it’s new folder. It seems like that is by design.

Because of this, I have adapted my workflow to immediately save the project with a name once it initially opens. I do this before doing anything else.

So… are you sure you are saving the project with a name before closing it?

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Hi, thanks for the resposne, what do you mean by saving the Project with a name? I’ll save the ‘project’ so there’s a project file and then close it, yeah… If you just closed the project without saving, the project would be lost, so maybe I’m misunderstanding?


I just wanted to make sure you were actually saving the project .cpr file to the folder you created. Because, as you noted, the project and the folder are lost.

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