Project folder naming

I get the structure of the folders but it is frustrating to have to close down Cubase go to your folders rename the folder to song name reopen Cubase and search for the new location.
The problem stems from the first creation point really.
I open up my template cpr and then start to jam ideas and it is not until way down the line that maybe I’ll actually think of the song name. At this point it is simple to rename the cpr to the song name but not the project folder so, it would be nice at this point to be able to have a button to change the project folder name. i can’t believe this has never been done to be honest.


Try creating a new folder (bottom left of “new project” window if you’re on a mac.) This got me too at first until I sussed it.

Backup Project…

Thanks for the insight, I’m on a pc and I unfortunately can’t see that button, I have included a screenshot for you to look at.

Thanks Lee
New Project Window.png