Project Folders


When I start a new project from a template, I am no longer asked where I want the project folder to be. I looked in the manual but it doesn’t mention anything about setting defaults. Does anyone know how to get that option back?


What about when you save?

The default is Audio, which is normally immediately next to the project on creation.

The only way to change it is to Save as Backup.

Hi…thanks for the reply.

The following is from the manual and it is the way I remember doing it. I should mention I just upgraded to win 7 and had to reinstall everything, which is why everything is in past tense.

  1. Select “New Project” from the File menu.
    A dialog appears, listing a number of project templates, including any
    custom templates you may have created (see “Save as Template” on
    page 457).
  2. Select a template (or “Empty”) and click OK.
    A file dialog appears, allowing you to specify a location for the project
    folder. This will contain all files related to the project.
  3. Select an existing folder or create a new one. Then
    click OK.
    A Project window opens. If you selected a template, the new project will
    be based on this template, and include the corresponding tracks, events
    and settings.

Sounds like you’re supposed to select where you want audio saved upfront so all the support file go into the correct project folder.

I can save my project file anywhere, but it doesn’t ask me where I want my project folder then. Probably because I could have dozens of support files by then.

When you start a new project the project assistant pops up after you select “new project” from the file menu right??

At the bottom of the project assistant are two check boxes.

They are:

  1. Use default location

  2. Prompt for project location

Select 2)


That was it…I knew it was something easy I was overlooking. Thanks for your expertise!


No problem.

Just happened to me actually too!! That’s how I figured it out.