Project format settings don't affect import?

Hey Guys,

I’ve recently caught on to Flac and am using it on all my sessions now, as it’s definitely saving me some disk space.
However, I’ve noticed that setting your project to Flac only seems to affect files that are recorded into your session, not files that are imported to it (which always seems to default to Wav).

Is there any way to change this? Would it not be more consistent if the Pool import conversion would follow the format of your project?



Isn’t there a Preference for not converting files on import?


I believe so…but I actually want it to convert files import…just to Flac, not wav though.

Oh right. I didn’t realise that you weren’t importing Flac files in the first place.


Honestly, I have never understood why Nuendo changes the type of file on import when tell it not to. In fact I can’t seem to find a pattern of when it imports and converts files contrary to what I tell it to do.

for example: My project is set for Wav files. I import AAF, of MP3, I tell the project to not convert file type, it still converts all imported files to Wav.

So getting it to import or import/convert to Flac… I haven’t seem a reliable way to get it done.


Hey Brian,

Well, MP3 would make sense since it isn’t a ‘native’ format, i.e not something that Nuendo can play back in a session.
From my understanding the way MP3 is encoded makes that quite tricky, and in addition it’s a lossy format.

AAF I would expect needing conversion as it’s sort of a transit format.

But Flac is a native Nuendo format these days; I guess my main issue is that imports just don’t adhere to the session format; it always defaults to wav.