Project freezes while starting

Hi there,

In the middle of finishing a project, Dorico started hanging: first while entering a Segno sign, after a reboot when wanting to add a border around a textbox.
I’ve restarted Dorico and rebooted my MacBook, I’ve checked for updates, nothing: now the project hangs on 85% of opening. I’ve made a duplicate, that also doesn’t seem to work (also stuck on 85%). Both the AutoSave file and the original project won’t open.
I wasn’t able to create a Dorico Diagnostics report when the crashes were happening, but I was after a Dorico reboot. I’m not sure if you can see anything, but here you go.

Please help!
Other projects open fine, so my guess is that it must be something in this particular project.

Hallelujah Fiverr-[AutoSave].dorico (1.3 MB)
Hallelujah Fiverr kopie.dorico (1.3 MB)
Hallelujah Fiverr.dorico (1.3 MB)

Dorico (844.2 KB)

Hope this helps.

I managed to open the file in Dorico 4.3 and then use Save As… to produce the file here.

Hallelujah Fiverr (saved from Dorico 4.dorico (937.8 KB)

Because of the extra features in Dorico 5, there will quite possibly be some things missing or different.

To help compare, here is the PDF preview file from inside the original file.

preview.pdf (154.4 KB)

[To get the preview PDF, make a copy of the Dorico file and change its extension (file type) from .dorico to .zip, and then open it with a file decompression utility.]

Thanks a lot!! Didn’t think of that, but it works again :slight_smile:

I looked at your project, @Hanhom, and it looks like you are experiencing the same problem experienced by another user as described in this thread:

I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused. The next update will include a fix for this problem and will allow your project to open again without problems. If in the meantime you want to go back to an earlier version so you can keep working with your original file, let me know, and I can send an earlier installer to you.